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Advanced Testers and Analyzers Advanced Testers and Analyzers

Advanced Testers/ Analyzers

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Product Description

M-Kube also offers some of the most advanced battery testers with cutting edge technology and features like 4 automatic-switch output ranges, Accuracy in the range of <0.03%, 1000Hz data record frequency, comes with online upgradation support, high frequency pulse as well as a mode to work offline, etc.

One of the key features of this kind of series is that all the 4 channels of of this device can perform high frequency pulse tests at the same time. It also comes in 8channel mode, where 1 channel can perform the pulse test.

M-Kube also offers a Small version of this advanced tester, which also gives a high class performance. Usually, these models are easy to carry for demonstration purposes onsite

M-Kube also covers an extremely cost-effective basic battery kit, for long time cycles.

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